thank you thank you

a HUGE thanks to Kate at Bib and Tucker for the lovely hand-spun yarn. It is just as beautiful up close and personal as it was in your photos! I can't even think, yet, of what to make with it. It's so lovely I don't want to waste it. I'll keep you posted on what I come up with!
I received your package a while ago and, my apologies for the tardiness of the 'thank you', there has been a funeral and flu in between. Much hasn't been accomplished! I haven't had a blog post or finished project or outing to even write about!

It was very much appreciated, and I'll keep following your lovely blog!




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Well, it's not a great photo...Better ones to come (of both my mural and those of the nine other artists involved in the project).
It was a lot of work but very gratifying.


it was the best of times...
it was the worst of times...

What an "up and down" week it's been! I had an absolutely dream-fulfilling Saturday (Oct. 31, 2009) when I went to see the Broadway touring version of RENT in Cincinnati, Ohio. Original RENT performers Adam Pascal, top, and Anthony Rapp are on tour with the group, which is the part I always dreamt of...hearing the two of them perform the material in person! It was pretty fabulous! They were just great. I've been humming the music all week.

And, I've enjoyed painting on my Dayton mural this week. It's nearly finished. So close now.

However, this evening, I found out that I lost a very dear old friend. Her name was Oveda, but our whole family called her Aunt Beets. Where the nickname originated, I don't know. I'm sure it was born before I was. Oveda was in her 90s, and I knew that one day I'd be surprised by her passing and that it would be sudden. But, it's very painful right now. She was not my Aunt by blood. Rather, she was the Aunt of one of my Aunts, by marriage. I always remember her kind, gentle nature and how she crafted with me on occasion at her home when I was a child. In recent years, she and I could discuss poetry and books. She was a very beautiful and intelligent lady and I'll miss her greatly.


FINALLY...there's a winner!

I want to apologize to all my new followers, and readers, out there. I have been tardy with the results to my giveaway! My camera battery is charging right now, and I felt the need to go ahead and post my winner without a shot of the old 'fishbowl' drawing! lol

The winner of the crocheted wristlets and assorted trinkets is SAM of Sam's Snippets! Sam, please send me your mailing information so that I can get a package out to you! You can mail me at asm_flash@yahoo.com

All who entered, a great big thank you for your interest, and for the new follows! I've met so many great crafter friends this month. I wish Blogtoberfest could be year-round! Rest assured, I'll still be watching your blogs and enjoying your fabulous ideas!

My plan is to get my blog up and running with some original patterns and tutorials soon! Please hang around. I'd love to keep my friends from around the globe! You're all so wonderfully talented! Hope to see you soon!