the 'after-Blogtoberfest' highs and lows...

I just can't seem to get myself together. It's been a 'blah' month. There was a bright, shiny moment yesterday when I received my last Blogtoberfest giveaway from Tinniegirl. It was LOVELY - inspirational cards and a mix tape! - and as soon as my camera battery is charged, I plan on blogging a photo. Thanks so much, Cathy! It made my day...week...month!

Maybe the blahs are because it's officially winter now here. 'Here' is Ohio, USA. We had our first snow day before yesterday, and it's so cold out there this evening that when I walked my dog, Lola, around the block I came back a popsicle!

I am JUST SO CLOSE to being finished with that school bus scarf. Just dragging my feet on sewing on the tires and embroidering a bus number. And, I've been doing some granny-square crafting. More pictures coming on that soon, too.

I'll go and have another listen to that great mix tape and think of warm Australia/New Zealand, and my new blogger friends!


GemmaJoy said...

It's cold where you are and bloody hot where I am.

Have a great white xmas

Cathy (Tinniegirl) said...

I'm so glad you liked your package and I hope it continues to lift your spirits.

Love that gorgeous bus scarf. It's amazing.