"all around the country and coast to coast"...

I am sooo excited for tonight! My best friend Carol is taking Arthur and I (along with a good portion of her family) to see comedian Heywood Banks!

It is no secret, and I think his photo can attest to the fact, that Heywood is a bit of a crazy man! He performs novelty songs and tells funny jokes that you can take anyone - including your grandmother - to see.

It has been literal years since I've been to one of his shows, but it should be such a great night out...lots of laughing, which I could really use right now!

I had a chance to paint a little more on my downtown Dayton mural today. The weather was a surprisingly gorgeous 70ish degrees farenheit. Probably the last really nice day left this fall? This photo is less than flattering as my sister took it without my knowledge...lol

I've still not been sharing my submitted design...a good photo will be taken when it's finished, for all to see.

Don't forget my giveaway here.

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