spooky crafting

Craftastrophe. That is how this blog describes the shared works of some crafters-led-astray. I say this, but I confess that I am itching to generate some of this "knitted graffiti" (known as KNITTA, see right)--perhaps near my new mural in Dayton?

There is everything from the macabre to the downright disgusting on this site. For the sake of humor or curiousity, it is a fun discovery. But, I don't think I'd be using any tutorials off of this blog! hehe I mean who could resist this Bozo sweater? (below)

Arthur and I had a very fun night with friends on Thursday. The trip to the comedy club was great. I needed the laughs. There has been much more stress lately with respect to Mom's Alzheimers care. I want to keep her home forever, but logic set in this week and I know that for both her sake and mine, I may have to look into options for placing her in a facility that can give her better care. It's really a no-win, and very depressing. It was nice to have an evening where I didn't have to think about such things.


Marfa said...

I saw KNITTA on a street pole in Yellow Springs...near Dayton, right? I live in Cincinnati and want to create some knitted art on random outside poles, too. It would beautify my neighborhood.

...stumptious said...

That is very cool. Cincinnati has a VAST amount of great spots to 'tag' as well! I think that this tree, shown on my blog, was located in Yellow Springs, but I'm not sure it's there anymore?
I saw some hysterical Knitta online the other day. A person who made it for their own little world...some hanging off of their rearview mirror, etc. Cute.