plastic bags as fabric

There are so many resources out there, in the world wide web, for ways
in which to use those pesky plastic shopping bags. Many times I have
encountered recycled projects made from "plarn"...plastic yarn gleaned
from such bags. I even have my own knitted plarn lunch bag in progress
- a weighty project by the time you cut the bags and piece the yarn loops
together. Still, recycling is always worth it in this plastic world in which
we live. Not to mention, plarn can be introduced to water and is therefore
not only more durable than some fibers, but more easily washed. I was
perusing knit/crochet tutorials on youTube today, and found a wonderful
posted podcast from "Make Magazine" on how to fuse plastic bags for
extra durability and then create a fabulous messenger bag by sewing
your new 'fabric' together. Hope you check it out. If you're a fiber artist
and not a sewer, extend yourself to learn a new craft! The worst that can
happen is that perhaps your bag will be lopsided! lol

You can download the pdf version of the project instructions at

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