its a mural blogtoberfest

Three babies coming in my family! I've been knitting and crocheting gifts, and getting excited about the new arrivals!

My cousin Kelli, and her husband Dallas, are expecting baby boy "Anthony" in just about three weeks! I've made her some fiber gifts, but I am also painting some safari animals in Anthony's nursery. Today was session number two of my painting, and I finished the zebra mother/baby. I think it's looking very good thus far! We decided, mutually, that we'd keep the animals a little more realistic rather than so cartoonish. It just seems that the mural can follow the child for more years if the style is not so babyish. They have some beautiful dark wood furniture. You can see the arched top of the crib in front of the zebras, above right.

Kelli is a nurse, and she tells me that babies see primarily in black & white when newborn. Therefore, I thought the zebras would be appropriate for little Anthony to gaze upon while laying in his bed.

Left, a small pict of session number one's detail...an acacia tree. Yet to come, a lion lounging on a rock in front of this acacia...a lemur...an elephant...snake...and giraffes (already in progress). Oh, and we cannot forget a monkey. There MUST be a monkey! lol

This weekend, I plan to start my outdoor mural in Dayton. Brrrr! It was in the 40s (farenheit) today! Let's hope for a warmer Sunday!


Elizabeth said...

What beautiful nursery walls!

...stumptious said...

Thanks so much! There's more to do, but I'm excited about it.