the bangles...

Ah, the 80s...they are making a comeback. Maybe not the music, exactly, so I wouldn't expect to hear the Bangles "Walk Like An Egyptian" anytime soon...unless you're listening to the classic new wave station of your choice?

However, after a brief stop in the craft store this afternoon, I was drawn to a malleable plastic (called "Friendly Plastic") of a very flashy nature. Simply melt in the oven and mold. After a few failed attempts (mostly to do with finding a surface on which to melt the plastic without fusing it to my ovenware - FYI...I used a Silpat mat non-stick cooking mat), I came up with a couple of turquoise and gold cuff bracelets that had an 80s edge. I had such fun with it as it's a super-quick medium to work with, with little clean-up.

Playing with the plastics reminded me of that other favorite technique from yesteryear...Shrinky Dinks. I had to go have a look at their Web site! Their question/answer page gives some excellent feedback on how, now, to use Shrinky Dinks in photocopiers and laser printers!

My brain is just aflutter with ideas for plastic crafts! I have a feeling I'm not finished with the acrylic just yet! *Hearing the Bangles in my head*

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