the superpops challenge!

I am thrilled to have finished my SuperPops entry today. In case there is confusion, she is a cheery toilet tissue cozy!

She may seem a little plain, but I think that her 'rock-n-roll' attitude will amuse me daily in my bathroom at home. Not to mention, my cousin is dressing as Wonder Woman this Halloween, and this could be a cute gift to cheer HER space past Blogtoberfest???


CurlyPops said...

Ha ha that's absolutely hilarious! I've always wanted my likeness to be displayed in the toilet hee hee. What a fab entry.
PS - would you mind if I used your photo on my blog?

humel said...

Oh, WOW - is all I can say! :-)

...stumptious said...

lol, humel! I hope that all the readers know that this isn't my main form of expression. It was just for some joyous fun!
Sure, CurlyPops...you may use the photo!