blogs that brought cheer today

It was not a good today in my Mother's illness. Every day I watch her slip a little farther away, and sometimes it's overwhelming. We as a family have actually had to begin wondering if we can continue to care for her in a way that is worthy of HER. But, it will be heartbreaking for me if the time comes when I won't be able to care for her at home.

I have my two mural projects in progress right now but it's been hard to even keep on a schedule with that as I get little respite time from the caregiving. I'm trying to pull things together and finish up.

Then there is the matter of my knitting/crocheting. I truly love the process, but my focus being pretty much non-existent right now, I have trouble getting much accomplished.

I spent what little relaxation time that I had today (after getting Mom to sleep) reading more of the group blogs, and then suggested blogs. Here are a few pretty things that brought cheer and inspiration to me today.

Left, the dolls at the black apple...Top right, lovely crocheted grannies by rose hip...and, bottom, the "oh-so-cute" creatures of a bit of pilli pilli. Thank you so much, artists, for your talents!

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