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The excitement is really beginning to swirl this week as I prep for the start of my mural in downtown Dayton!

Though we were asked to primer our walls before painting, someone was kind enough to do them all last week. I showed up on Sunday, and it was finished! Yay! (The priming is never the fun part...lol)

I should explain that the mural is all part of a city beautification project. New flower boxes and street improvements are to be added in the vicinity. The streets in question intersect at an overpass for a train trestle, the underside of which houses 10 individual inset panels - 5 on each side of the four-lane street. WHEW! That was a boring mouthful! lol

Pictured, right, is the blank canvas. 10 artists were selected, each to have his or her own panel. That means one 8'x8' square is my responsibility.

Unveiling of finished murals is currently slated for November 6, but due to delays on the part of the beautification committee, the date may be pushed back. Either way, I want it done asap!

Project theme was "garden". I'll not post my submitted design. Rather, I'll surprise you with the 'in-progress' photos.

Below, is a small detail of Dayton's "Garden Center". This small park and garden area sits right next to the overpass, and exactly to the right of my 'canvas'. The plot is a space for gardeners and artists to share a love of growth and recycling. Local artists have donated sculpture and mural services in the garden, over time, and it's a very unique piece of land in the middle of a metropolitan area.

More details to come after the weekend!

In the meantime, news of two giveaways that I submitted to today: a "surprise" giveaway from Blake and Boo makes two! Great idea for 'Blogtoberfest'! Very mysterious.

And, gorgeous kimono print fabrics at little tweetheart blog. Do check them out!

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