baked potato?

I was able to begin my mural in Dayton today. It was a little cold outside, but I arrived mid-afternoon when it was warmest. I met my wall neighbor, Heather. She was creating this wonderfully colorful and cheery, sunshiney piece. And, I find that her style is much like mine, so our murals will look nice next to one another.

On the other side of Heather, her boyfriend Richard was creating the next work over. His is a spray-painted piece with very abstract, free-form and colorful accents. They both were very nice and we had great fun painting together. I think the best part was when Richard found a baked potato on the mean streets of downtown Dayton...lol...ah, city living and the trash that comes with it.

Next time out, I'm taking a broom ; )

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kate said...

Hiya!! You have won my Bib and Tucker 'Freebie Monday' prize for last week - A handspun hank of 'Cupcakes and Fairy Sprinkles' Art Yarn. Pop over to my website to contact me with your address so I can send it to you please. :-) Kate