crafting, BBerry and the giveaways!

Ah, day two gushing over my new BlackBerry smartphone. Yes, it arrived and I am anxiously awaiting a full charge of the device so that I can really dig into all the features. I'm a Facebook fanatic right now, so I am certain to be downloading that software! I need to set up a FB page for my craft blog! It would prevent all my crafty friends having to slog through my families boring posts! lol

I've been working on revving up my winter accessories inventory with colder weather coming on in the central United States. I've been making some crocheted wrist-warmers courtesy a free pattern from a very nice needlework blog called creative yarn: zen and the art of handicraft. I've linked the pattern here if anyone else is interested. Any knitters/crocheters out there should really take a look at this blog...lots of free patterns and all gorgeous!

Though I posted another crafty number from threadbanger this week, I really wanted to share this ultra-simple, yet fun, tutorial for a "scoodie"...the combination scarf/hood for cold weather.

I'm a little late on going through some of the giveaway pages, but this evening I entered my chance at the lovely gift that christopher & me is so graciously providing. A gorgeous little pillow-case dress! You really must have a look if you've not already entered. Lovely work and a professional little children's Etsy shop.

Tomorrow, I should have a better write-up of my BlackBerry opinions...lol...and, I am getting ready to tackle an urban mural in downtown Dayton, Ohio, USA. I have my own little 8 ft x 8 ft panel to paint with a "garden" theme. Pictures and more details coming very soon!

OH, AND I ALMOST FORGOT!...I have my very first blog follower today! I was elated! Thanks so much for joining me, Sam (at Sam's Snippets). I'm following you, too! (wow, that sounds rather 'stalker-ish'...lol)

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