all that 'glitters'

I have been working on new original patterns for both knit and crochet...they should be coming soon. In the meantime, I am sharing a few cool things that I've found online for creative crafting.

While perusing Martha Stewart's web site today - specifically her crafts section - I came across a very fun and contemporary project that will allow you to make a 'pop' art-inspired piece of art with personal flair. The process is called "Glitter Painting".

The site allows you to upload a personal photo, and through a conversion from photo to vector graphic gives the photo a slightly contemporary and edgy feel. Application of glue and glitter takes your creation from shining to sparkling!
I plan to create a piece of wall art using a picture of my darling dog, Lola. Above, an example of the original photo and the transferred vector graphic.

Please click on the above link to visit Martha's site for clear photos of the process and samples of the finished glittered look. Also, don't think only inside the 'canvas'. You could apply the same technique to a paper version and add it to a wooden tray or greeting card, etc.
For more information on the photo to vector process itself, visit VectorMagic.

Also, check out a great idea for sprucing up a plain sweater with a crocheted border.

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