blogtoberfest and my new BlackBerry

I'm ecstatic that I'm only approximately 12 hours away from my new BlackBerry phone! It's been ordered and is to be in the mail today!

I am making the plunge from the most basic and simple of cell phones (it barely dials and texts) to one of the newer touch-screen BBs. I can't wait to flex my thumb knuckles on that new screen...Facebooking and emailing myself mad in an effort to learn how to use the poor phone! Life has so little pleasures in store for me immediately that I have to cheer about mundane things like a new little electronic gadget. I only hope that it goes well and that I'm not trying to hurl the thing at the wall by tonight! lol

My days and nights are confused right now. As caregiver to my sick Mother, it's very hard to get appropriate sleep. I am trying desperately to keep up with the Blogtoberfest festivities, but see where my posts look like I have "every-other-day" listings. I have it as a goal to do better the rest of the month. Maybe I'll be posting from my BlackBerry? ; ) OOOH! I REALLY MUST KNIT OR CROCHET A NEW COZY FOR MY BB!

Speaking of Blogtoberfest, I've been checking out some of the giveaways, and the blogs on the list. Beautiful work, artisans! I recommend that all try to read as many as possible. There's so much creativity out there!
Here's what I found today...

Crazy Crafter has a lovely needle case giveaway this month. Don't miss a chance to visit her page for details on the prize and rules for applying.
Bellasia Creations, makers of some amazing jewelry, are offering a $30 gift certificate for use at their shop. It's not to be missed!
Also, a beautiful and contemporary pair of earrings on the planet treasures blog page. Don't miss out on your chances to win!


Cathy (tinniegirl) said...

I love my newly acquited IPhone. It's been the excitement of my life for weeks now.

...stumptious said...

yay you! I am actually a Mac user, but my phone provider doesn't cover the iPhone...ugh...I am loving my new Blackberry, however!