Happy Blogtoberfest!

So many fantastic Blogtoberfest bloggers out there. I am so glad that I joined the 'party'! And, I have been searching through as many blogs as I can daily. This is always a daunting task for me as I tend to go off on tangents that lead me away from my focus. I'll start to click on suggested blogs of bloggers, and friends of friends of bloggers, and - before I know it - I am far from Tinnie Girl's page. lol

So many beautiful artisans out there. Here are some of the fun October T-shirt ideas that I've stumbled on, and some that I have seen on Blogtoberfest blogs.

Just click on each option for links to the tutorials. The monster eye T was sampled from the blog of snailblazer, with reference to the Martha Stewart web site. And, the fourth option is actually a tutorial for how to make your own $10 wedding gown! However, whether you want to dress as a bride, princess leia, or a mummy, it is a very useful tutorial on how to successfully use T's as a fabric and costuming option. Hope you enjoy these as much as I did!

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